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Docket Number(s): 72056
Date: 10/16/2018 Time: 9:45 A.M. Location: Hyde Park Middle School, Las Vegas
Before the Court of Appeals, Chief Judge Silver Presiding
Amanda Gregory, as counsel for the Appellant
Agnes Lexis, as counsel for the Respondent
Start Time Speaker Notes
9:46:44 AMChief Judge SilverIntroduction
9:47:21 AMChief Judge SilverCase called
9:47:30 AMAmanda GregoryAs counsel for the Appellant
9:58:07 AMAgnes LexisAs counsel for the Respondent
10:10:27 AMAmanda GregoryAs counsel for the Appellant
10:15:53 AMChief Judge SilverEnd argument, case submitted
10:16:31 AMStudents QuestionsStudents
10:30:51 AMChief Judge SilverDismissal