Nevada Judiciary News

  • Court Improvement Program News and Report - 4th Quarter 2017
    7/30/2018 2:30:01 PM

    During the past quarter (October through December, 2017), the Court Improvement Program (CIP) has focused on three primary strategies: improving timeliness to permanency for children; increasing judicial, attorney, and stakeholder’s knowledge and expertise; and building systemic capacity through continual quality improvement (CQI) and data exchange.  CIP has: 

  • RFQ 2018-01 Judicial Branch Statewide MAS Audits - Qualifying Firms
    6/26/2018 3:34:16 PM

    We are pleased to announce the qualifying certified public accounting (CPA) firms who remitted proposals under the 2018-01 RFQ for Judicial Branch Statewide MAS Audits. The list of firms can be found here. Proposals were evaluated for the required submission attributes. The firms listed scored 85% or greater for compliance with the attributes in the RFQ. Proposal cost comparisons in addition to full copies of each firm's proposal are available for review upon request. An Application for Access to Administrative Records must be completed to request copies of this information. The Policy on Public Access to Administrative Records and associated copy fees schedule will apply. The application, policy, and fee schedule can be found here.

  • New Webcast! Minimum Accounting Standards V3.1 Updates
    5/24/2018 12:07:03 PM

    The 2018 Minimum Accounting Standards V3.1 Updates is now available via on-demand video. (more…)

  • Minimum Accounting Standards External Auditor Training Course
    5/8/2018 11:49:31 AM

    We are pleased to announce the Minimum Accounting Standards External Auditor Training is available for completion. In January 2018, the Nevada Supreme Court ordered the revised Minimum Accounting Standards (MAS) V3.1 and Minimum Accounting Standards Guide for External Audits V1.1. These revisions contain a requirement that all independent auditors performing courts 4-year MAS audits must complete training developed by the Nevada Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts before completing any MAS audits. This training must be completed by both Certified Public Accountants and Certified Internal Auditors working on the 4-year audits.

  • 27 Judges Receive Nevada Educational Awards
    4/26/2018 11:05:54 AM

    Twenty-seven Nevada judges have received awards for educational achievements earned through judicial education. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) provides judges continuing education programs to ensure a competent and professional judiciary.