Nevada Judiciary News

  • New Webinar! Effective Parenting Plans for High Conflict Custody Cases
    12/14/2020 7:01:36 PM

    Families involved in high conflict custody cases require artfully drafted Parenting Plans to successfully manage the families’ future and, more importantly, protect the emotional well-being of their children. In all high conflict custody cases, at least one parent has a personality disorder and/or a substance abuse issue. Therefore, it is crucial for family law judges and practitioners to understand that the high conflict family dynamic generally cannot be “fixed,” but instead, must be properly managed. In order to successfully manage high conflict cases, a detailed Parenting Plan must be crafted for the parties, to provide guidelines for parental decision making, timeshares, and daily management of custodial issues.During this session, the most common “hot buttons” for parents in conflict will be addressed, including but not limited to:1. Effective Timeshare Schedules;2. Neutral Exchange Locations;3. Exchange Guidelines;4. Guidelines for Phone Calls Between Homes;5. Use and Abuse of Technology(e.g., text messaging, parental controls and access to children’s technology);6. Teenage Discretion and Loyalty Binds;7. Right of First Refusal and War Zones;8. Creating Effective Holiday Schedules;9. Priority Dates for Vacation Plans.And so much more… (more…

  • New Webinar! Judicial Tech Competence in the Virtual Courtroom
    12/9/2020 4:23:32 PM

     Confronted with the CoVID-19 crisis, the court system turned on a dime. Emerging from exigent necessity, digital appearances, once a novel occurrence, are now standard practice. Both the speed of the historic shift in fundamental operations and the transformation itself are noteworthy, especially in an environment that reveres tradition and precedent.Luddite judges may remain hesitant to embrace this swift, historic technological revolution. Overwhelmed judicial officers may have not had time to consider the ethical implications of the digital courtroom. Many are simply in desperate need of a digital background make-over.An examination of the legal authority and ethical considerations for videoconference appearances and a review of how to navigate the basic digital requirements will promote judicial technological literacy. Judicial technological literacy creates more effective judges in the digital courtroom and promotes the public’s confidence in the judiciary. (more…

  • 21st Annual Report of the Nevada Judiciary Released
    11/30/2020 12:46:33 PM

    The Nevada Judiciary has released its 2020 Annual Report, marking the 21st annual report detailing comparative statistics for the Nevada Appellate Courts.

  • Supreme Court Enters Order Regarding February 2021 Nevada Bar Examination
    11/6/2020 10:17:12 AM

    On November 5, 2020, The Supreme Court and the Board of Bar Examiners Set The Protocols And Format For The 2021 February Nevada Bar Examination.View the Order

  • Virtual Swearing-In Ceremonies to Administer the Oath of Attorney to New Nevada Attorneys
    11/4/2020 2:45:18 PM

    For the first time, the Nevada Supreme Court will host multiple virtual swearing-in ceremonies to administer the Oath of Attorney to new Nevada attorneys.  The swearing-in ceremonies will begin at 1:00 p.m., Friday November 13, 2020, and will be live webcast on the Nevada Supreme Court website at  The admittees will be divided into groups small enough that family and friends can witness the admittee taking the oath on the webcast.