Nevada Judiciary News

  • New Webcast! Nevada Appellate Courts 2016 Criminal Opinions Review
    3/14/2017 4:03:51 PM

    "Nevada Appellate Courts 2016 Criminal Opinions Review" is now available via on-demand video. (more)

  • 2019 Court Interpreters Program Oral Performance Examination
    2/23/2017 1:57:57 PM

    The AOC Certified Court Interpreters Program hereby announces the offering of the Oral Performance Examination in both Las Vegas and Carson City in April 2019. The dates are April 9-12, 2019 (Carson City) and April 16-19, 2019 (Las Vegas). The languages available for oral testing are the following:

    • Arabic
    • Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian
    • Cantonese
    • French
    • Haitian Creole
    • Hmong
    • Ilocano
    • Khmer
    • Korean
    • Laotian
    • Mandarin
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Filipino (Tagalog)
    • Turkish
    • Vietnamese

  • Court Improvement Program News and Report - 4th Quarter 2016
    2/6/2017 10:03:43 AM

     During the past quarter (October through December, 2016), the Court Improvement Program (CIP) has focused on three primary strategies: improving timeliness to permanency for children; increasing judicial, attorney, and stakeholder’s knowledge and expertise; and building systemic capacity through continual quality improvement (CQI) and data exchange.  

  • New Webcast! Domestic Violence in the Digital Age
    1/25/2017 3:33:50 PM

    "Domestic Violence in the Digital Age" is now available via on-demand video. (more…)

  • New! Online Nevada Judicial Leadership Summit 2016 Resources
    7/15/2016 3:00:31 PM

    The recorded sessions for the Nevada Supreme Court/Court of Appeals Civil and Criminal Opinions, and the U.S. Supreme Court Opinions are now available online.Select conference materials are also available. (more…)