Nevada Judiciary News

  • New Las Vegas Municipal Court Building

    5/11/2021 10:11:09 AM

    Take a tour of the new Las Vegas Municipal Court

  • Justice Abbi Silver Receives Griffin Award from the Las Vegas Business Academy

    5/11/2021 9:57:41 AM

    Las Vegas Business Academy Griffin AwardOn May 4, 2021, Justice Abbi Silver was awarded the Griffin Award from the Las Vegas Business Academy (LVBA) for her excellence in leadership in the Las Vegas community at their 10th Anniversary Dinner.

  • New Webinar! Neuroscience in Mediation: What Judges Need to Know

    5/4/2021 7:25:20 PM

    Neuroscience is an increasingly useful topic for judges. No matter what the disagreement, the common denominator is people. Conflict often triggers a stress response in parties involved in court or settlement negotiations. Judges must be equipped to effectively deal with the emotions and reactions that arise as a result. (more...)

  • New Webinar! Virtual Courtroom - Ethics

    5/4/2021 6:23:04 PM

    Professor Regalia will explore simple strategies for running virtual hearings (and meetings) virtually and cover tips for managing litigants and other participants and strategies for preparing for virtual hearings. He will also discuss the judge’s ethical use of court technology with do’s and don’ts. (more...)

  • New Webinar! Evolve - The Red Project

    5/4/2021 11:42:19 AM

    Chief Justice Hardesty is pleased to inform you that the Nevada Supreme Court has arranged for participation for all District Court Judges in a presentation of The Red Door Project’s Evolve Experience. The interactive experience is scheduled for 1:30 to 4:30 pm, on Friday, May 21st. Due to the nature of the presentation it cannot be recorded and will not be available at any other time.The Evolve Experience is an innovative arts-based program that provides a framework for engaging in potentially divisive conversations, promotes empathy and trust, and helps participants build strategies for systemic change.  This 3-hour online immersive program tackles current issues around communities of color and the justice system through videos, online discussion, and small group breakout sessions. Chief Justice Hardesty urges all district court judges to attend. (more...)