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Nevada Judicial Historical Society Publications


CD with illustrated brochure, and narration by eminent Nevada Attorneys and political figures.

$12.95 (postage included or free with a $50 annual membership in the Society).

FROM KINGS' COURT TO JUSTICE COURTS: a Notable Judicial Odyssey by Cliff Young

A snapshot view of the Nevada's justices of the peace in the early 1990s. Illustrated. 175 pages, softcover.

$14.95 (including postage) or free with $25 annual membership in the Society.

ORAL HISTORIES of the Nevada bench and bar.

Bound, illustrated books published as a joint project of the UNR Oral History Program, the NJHS, and the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society.

Charlotte Hunter Arley (#188)

Cliff Young (#193)

John Barrett (#201)

The following histories are published solely by the University of Nevada Oral History Program:

Milton Badt (#001)

Harry Hunt Atkinson (#034)

Clark J. Guild (#043)

Frankie Sue Del Papa (#071)

Alan Bible (#095)

Cameron McVicar Batjer (#222)

Peter I. Breen (#223)

Frank W. Daykin (#224)

Howard D. McKibben (#225)

E.M. "Al" Gunderson (#226)

Herbert M. Jones (#227)

Bruce R. Thompson (#228)

Proctor R. Hug, Jr. (#229)

Harry Eugene Clairborne (#230)

All available at the University of Nevada, Reno, Oral History Program, published on demand. Search the Catalog for summary, price and order information.

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