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Friday, July 26, 2013

Treatise Spotlight: The Complete Understanding Series

The Nevada Supreme Court Law Library subscribes to the Complete Understanding Series by LexisNexis. This series gives the reader an expansive and thorough high=quality, well-organized analysis and discussion on over 50 different law subjects. Whether it's Torts or you're struggling to understand Secured Transactions or Trusts and Estates or Evidence or Lawyer's Ethics, etc. you'll find explanations from subject matter experts and well-known scholars and professors at some of the world's most prestigious institutions.

Titles in the Complete Understanding Series are ideally formatted to provide the reader with the essential foundation for a full and clear comprehension of the subject area, and are designed to provide and organized and accurate presentation of the material, including more in-depth treatments for particularly challenging areas. An index and glossary allow you to quickly find the material you need and look up key terms that are unique to a particular field.

To browse the books in the Law Library's collection go to our catalog and in the quick library search box type: Understanding series

The library holds over 40 of the 50 titles.

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