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Monday, January 27, 2014

Treatise Spotlight: Law of Electronic Commerce, 4th

 Title: Law of Electronic Commerce, 4th

Author: Jane Kaufman Winn and Benjamin Wright

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

Last Update: 2014-1 supplement


The volume of trade done through electronic media continues to skyrocket, and the law evolves at a staggering rate. To keep pace with all the new cases, statutes, proposals, commentaries, and model laws, there is no better resource than the Law of Electronic Commerce - your guide to the implications of communications technology for commercial law and transactions.

The Fourth Edition has been completely revised to reflect the explosive growth of the internet and the one-to-many network model that has replaced older forms of electronic commerce. You'll find practice pointers and in-depth, up-to-the-minute analysis of:

  • Electronic contracting
  • Electronic Payments and Lending
  • Intellectual property rights and rights in data
  • Privacy and collections of data
  • E-business regulation, including antitrust, trade practices, securities and banking
  • Taxation of electronic commerce
  • Computer crime and computer security
  • Electronic records in litigation, including authentication and the best evidence rule
  • Employer liability and electronic communications in the workplace
  • Developing a records management program
  • Liability of service providers
  • and much more

(description taken from publisher's website)

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