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Friday, March 1, 2013

Treatise Spotlight: Law of Defamation

Title: Law of Defamation, 2d

Author: Rodney Smolla

Publisher: West

Last Release: November, 2012

Description: Law of Defamation offers a comprehensive analysis of defamation law, useful to legal practitioners and other professionals, including professors, publishers, and media industry expert. Updated every year, this two-volume set provides step-by-step guidance to all the legal and business complexities posed by modern libel law and addresses topics, such as:

  • Definition of public employee
  • Corporate speech
  • Recipient approach to determining defamatory character of words
  • Criminalization of mere "lies"
  • Preliminary injunctions and the "Occupy Wall Street" protests
  • Right of publicity and the First Amendment
  • Public figure/private figure dichotomy
  • Fault requirements
  • Defamatory meaning
  • Truth as a constitutional defense
  • Opinion and fair comment
  • Special harm
  • Libel and slander rules
  • Common law privileges
  • Damages and other remedies
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Emotional distress
  • Injurious falsehood
  • Negligent publication
  • Litigation
  • Counselling and strategy
  • Defamation in the workplace

(Description from publisher's website)

Part of Treatise Spotlight, an occasional series highlighting publications in the law library's collection

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