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Friday, August 9, 2013

Treatise Spotlight: Callmann on Unfair Competition

Title:Callmann on Unfair Competition, Trademark and Monopolies, 4th
Author: Louis Altman and Malla Pollack
Publisher: Clark Boardman Callaghan
Last Update: 2013-1

Product Description:

Multivolume set provides a comprehensive analysis of the law of unfair competition as it relates to trademarks (registrability and infringement), passing-off, trade secrets, misappropriations, price discrimination, predatory pricing, and monopolies. Coverage also includes suggestions for protection against unfair competition, and acquisition, transfer, and abandonment. Other topics include government and business competition, interference with a competitor's contractual rights and bargaining possibilities, interference by trade boycott and marketing restrictions, unlawful exploitation of competitor's effort, confusing similarity, patent misuse, and covenants not to compete.


  • Helps you examine all aspects of anticompetitive behavior in-depth
  • Suggests ways to protect oneself against unfair competition
  • Strategies for dealing with government and business competition
  • How to draft not-to-compete covenants
  • Provides general principles for product simulation
  • Gives you a complete reference to all matters involving trademarks
  • Includes text of important statutes and regulations as well as a Table of Trademarks, Trade Names and Slogans

Description from publisher's website.

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