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Friday, March 4, 2011

Nevada Legislature Open Poll

The Legislature is making it easy for the public to share its opinion on pending legislation with the Opinion Poll.

The Opinion Poll portion of this site contains constituent opinions for the 76th (2011) Session of the Nevada Legislature. Feel free to view constituent opinions by clicking on the links above.

Throughout a legislative session, legislators review these opinions to gain perspective on how constituents in their districts feel about legislation. Constituent names, addresses and other personal information are NOT made public, but are available to legislators so that they will know who is submitting the comment and are able to contact the constituent if they so desire. Only opinion totals and comments are made publicly available on this site.

Select the bill number (use Nelis or the Subject Index to identify bills), vote For or Against, leave a comment if you like and enter your constituent information.

Posted By Alicia at 3:30 PM

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