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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nevada Court Rules

Nevada court rules are available on Nevada Legislature's website. The legislature's version conforms to the print edition of the NRS, which as of today's writing is the 2007 Reprint with 2008 Revision 2 replacement pages (notated (2008) R1 in the footer of each replacement page).

Court rules are not searchable, but they are indexed in the Nevada Revised Statutes. The index is quite voluminous, but here's a trick to navigate it. To find the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure, select a section of the alphabet, such as "C" for civil procedure and when the page loads, click on Edit Find, type a text string such as CIVIL PROCEDURE in all capital letters in the box, and click on the "Match Case" check box (in Firefox) or click on Edit Find and then click on the "Options" drop down list (in Internet Explorer) to jump to that index term. In this case, the Rules of Civil Procedure are not on the C index page, but there is a "see" entry with a link to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure.
Since the Court Rules on the legislature's page are only as current as the print NRS, researchers are advised to check the Court's website for administrative orders amending the rules. In the NRCP example, there four orders (ADKTs 276 order dated 2/6/09; 426 order dated 2/6/09; 405 order dated 4/29/09 and 388 order dated 11/17/09) which have not yet been incorporated in the legislature's online version.

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