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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Legal Drafting: A Beginner's Guide

There is an informative post on legal drafting on the Library of Congress' In Custodia Legis blog.

Legal drafting is very structured method of writing that can prove intimidating to the uninitiated. In this Beginner's Guide, we will recommend some sources that will help you excel in the legal drafting process.

The Nevada Supreme Court Law Library subscribes to several of the form books listed, as well as to many others. To browse the form books in the Law Library's collection, go to our online catalog and type:

Forms (law) United States

Into the quick library search box and click on the subject icon. Or, you could just click on this link.

For Nevada-specific forms, follow the instructions above but replace the words united states with Nevada, or click here.

Additionally, the Law Library subscribes to HeinOnline's Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf, which includes an extensive collection of Legal Disctionaries.

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