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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How Do I Update the NRS Now the Legislature Has Adjourned?

Legislative Counsel Bureau staff is hard at work codifying acts passed by the 2015 Legislature. The 2015 Nevada Revised Statutes reprint will be published in the fall, as will supplements to Lexis' Michie's Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated and West's Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated

In the meantime, you can update the 2013 NRS Reprint using the tables and indices available on the LCB's 2015 Bill Information page.

•If you have a NRS section and want to know if it has been updated, use the table of sections proposed to be amended or repealed.
•If you have an NRS chapter and want to know if it has been amended, use the table of chapters proposed to be amended by the addition of new sections.
•There is also a table for amended titles and a subject index.

If you prefer print you will have to wait for the 2015 Statutes of Nevada advance sheets, which will be published in the fall.  

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