Education Mission

In the early planning of Law Day Live, organizers sought to create an educational experience that would engage students and encourage them to share their experiences and thoughts on the planned educational subject. The notion of bringing students together from divergent backgrounds and experiences -- rural students meeting with urban students -- was a compelling reason to create this event.

In 2010, creating a webinar-style broadcast had not been attempted on the scale proposed by the Nevada Supreme Court. The event linked four cities together into one internet-based broadcast allowing students to ask questions of judges, attorneys, and other students in a live event. People around the world participated by asking questions on social media.

In planning Law Day Live, an education committee made up of social studies teachers, attorneys, and former school district administrators focused on meeting core education requirements so educators could focus on meeting classroom learning objectives. Each of the lessons were created to allow educators to engage students in classroom activities and encourage them to participate in writing assignments.

On this website, educational materials are available to allow teachers to implement the teaching of law-related education in their classrooms.