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Monday, June 17, 2013
Treatise Spotlight: Age Discrimination

Title: Age Discrimination, 2d

Author: Howard C. Eglit

Last Update: May 2013

Description: Containing well-rounded views of age discrimination from perspectives of both employee and employer, this resource provides a complete, analytical explanation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). Contents include ADEA information on topics such as who is protected and who must comply; prohibitions and requirements; statutory affirmative defenses; regulatory exemptions; waivers of liability; federal employees and job applicants; enforcement in nonfederal sectors; and remedies, fees, and costs. Plus, numerous appendices provide access to ADEA statutes and EEOC policy statements. Table of Cases and index for handy reference.


  • Explores perspectives of both employee and employer on age discrimination questions
  • Provides complete, analytical explanation of ADEA
  • Convenient appendices include ADEA statutes and EEOC policy statements
  • Table of ADEA cases for handy reference

Description from publisher's website.

Posted By Alicia at 11:30 AM