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Monday, April 27, 2015
Re-Designed Supreme Court Websites Aim to Assist and Inform
Carson City, April 21, 2015 – The Supreme Court of Nevada revealed two new websites today designed to provide visitors with general information about Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) programs and the Law Library.

The AOC website located at includes interactive features, such as a public meeting calendar, and quick links to frequently requested materials.

The Law Library website at directs visitors to information about the Law Library’s vast collection of more than 130,000 volumes and other resources.

The Nevada Supreme Court and AOC assist Nevada’s 76 trial courts in managing information technology, providing judicial education, and overseeing programs designed to improve access to justice. The AOC provides leadership in ensuring access to timely, cost effective justice as an independent and co-equal branch of the state government.

“The website allows visitors to find specific programs and understand the role of the Administrative Office in providing support to Nevada’s court system,” said Robin Sweet, director and state court administrator.

The AOC website provides information and access to various judicial programs and initiatives. A resource list directs users to a judicial directory, common forms, and upcoming judicial education events.

The Law Library site contains quick links to self-represented resources and research tools for legal professionals. The Law Library serves the Supreme Court, Nevada Legislature, executive branch agencies, the Bar, attorneys, and the public.

The website redesigns follow the release of the Supreme Court website, which was recognized in July as a 2014 Top 10 Court Website by the Forum on the Advancement of Court Technology (FACT).

Posted By Paula at 10:55 AM