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Nevada Administrative Code Historical Database

Per NRS 233B.062, it is the policy of the State that every regulation be made easily accessible to the public and be expressed in clear and concise language. To ensure accessibility, all permanent regulations, except those of exempted agencies (listed below), are included in the Nevada Administrative Code (hereafter "NAC"). Every effective permanent regulation adopted by an agency that is not exempt from the requirements of chapter 233B of the NRS should be in this code, which is also available on the Internet at

The Legislature publishes amendments to the NAC anywhere from 1-6 times a year. The Nevada Supreme Court Law Library keeps all superseded/historical pages from the NAC. With approval from the Legislature, this database has been created by the Law Library to provide digital access to superseded pages of the NAC from its first publication in 1980 through its most current amendments.

**Please note: This digital archive is an ongoing project; the Law Library will update the database as amendments are received. The database currently offers access to NAC Chapters 38 through 683 from 1980 through the 2014 amendments. The remaining chapters, along with the NAC amendments since 2014, will be added in the next several months.

While this database will ultimately allow for full-text searching, it will take time for the server to index each page to allow for this functionality. Under the drop down menu “Search Type,” you can also select to search by keyword if you would prefer to search that way instead of full-text. If you are searching for a specific section or Chapter and are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact the Law Library at 775-684-1640 or email us at

Per NRS 233B.039, not all state agencies are required to publish their regulations in the Nevada Administrative Code. For those agencies that are exempt, their regulations are likely posted on their respective websites. Exempted agencies include:

  • The Governor
  • Department of Corrections (except as otherwise provided in NRS 209.221)
  • Nevada System of Higher Education
  • Office of the Military
  • Nevada Gaming Control Board
  • Nevada Gaming Commission (except as otherwise provided in NRS 368A.140 and 463.765)
  • Division of Welfare and Supportive Services of the Department of Health and Human Services (except as otherwise provided in NRS 425.620)
  • Division of Health Care Financing Policy of the Department of Health and Human Services (except as otherwise provided by NRS 422.390)
  • Office of the State Engineer (except as otherwise provided in NRS 533.365)
  • Division of Industrial Relations of the Department of Business and Industry acting to enforce the provisions of NRS 618.375
  • Administrator of the Division of Industrial Relations of the Department of Business and Industry in establishing and adjusting the schedule of fees and charges for accident benefits pursuant to subsection 2 of NRS 616C.260
  • Board to Review Claims in adopting resolutions to carry out its duties pursuant to NRS 445C.310
  • Silver State Health Insurance Exchange