Fifth Graders Learn about Justice as Kids in the Court Program Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

6/14/2016 12:06:10 PM

Local fifth graders got a big surprise when they visited Chief Judge Natalie Tyrrell’s courtroom for the annual Kids in the Court program on Thursday, May 19, 2016, at North Las Vegas Justice Court.

North Las Vegas Justice Court Chief Judge Natalie Tyrrell talks with students from C.P. Squires about the importance of staying in school.

Boxer Shawn Porter and Hall of Fame Referee Joe Cortez were surprise guests. They visited with the students and answered questions while reinforcing the underlying theme of the program, which is the importance of staying in school.

The guests stuck around to watch the program in action as the students participated in a mock trial, where selected students served as the jury, defendant, and victim. Next, the fifth graders heard career talks by court staff, who discussed their jobs and education.

Then excitedly the students watched a taser demonstration. The program concluded with a tour of the court, including the holding cells. To maximize their time at the court, Judge Tyrrell went to the school the week before and presented a PowerPoint on the three branches of government.

Chief Judge Natalie Tyrrell developed the Kids in the Court program in 2002 to educate fifth graders about the judicial system, law related careers and the importance of staying in school. The court has partnered with C.P. Squires, an at-risk school in North Las Vegas, for the past 15 years.

“I am very proud of Kids in the Court,” said Judge Tyrrell. “The students have fun while they are learning. I have received much positive feedback from school staff and parents. It is exciting to hear the students talk about setting new goals for themselves.”