Travel Claims

The Supreme Court of Nevada, AOC Accounting Unit will, upon receipt, process your Claim for Travel Expense for reimbursement. If the original Claim for Travel Expense form is complete, accurate, and includes the Certificate of Attendance and required receipts, you should receive your reimbursement within 7 business days. Refer to the travel claim procedures and documentation requirements as outlined in the materials in your registration packet. This information will also be available on the Conference website. If you have any questions prior to submitting your Claim for Travel Expense form, please contact the AOC Accounting Unit at (775) 684-1700.

Note: When in doubt as to whether a cost incurred during travel status can be reimbursed, keep an itemized receipt, claim the cost on the Claim for Travel Expense form, and submit the receipt with the claim. The AOC Accounting Unit will notify you if the expense claimed is allowable for reimbursement under the Supreme Court Policy.

Travel Claim Form

Conference Attendance: The total conference hours are 6.0. Failure to attend a minimum of 75% (4.50 hours) may result in less than full reimbursement.

Lodging: The AOC will be reimbursed to a level above the GSA rate, but complying with the Nevada Supreme Court Travel Policy of up to $183.00 + tax per night. Original receipt required. Maximum hotel nights reimbursed for judges are Tuesday through Friday, and for masters Tuesday and Wednesday. Submission of the original hotel receipt must accompany your Claim for Travel Expense form.

New Vendor Registration Policy (non-State of Nevada employee attendee):

NRS 227.185 requires, among other things, that all  persons who get a payment from the State, e.g., travel reimbursement for judicial education, receive that payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Should you anticipate claiming travel or related expenses for the Nevada Family Jurisdiction Judges 2020 Conference, please take a moment now to register for electronic payment with the State using the  Electronic Vendor Registration Form (New Payees).This will enable us to process your claim upon receipt.  

It takes approximately 2 weeks to establish your vendor account. If you currently receive payments from the State via EFT, no further action is required.  

Please be sure to include a voided check and fax or mail the form along with the voided check to the Nevada State Controller's Office.