Thank you for the great work you all do and for taking the time to participate in the Nevada Specialty Court 2020 Virtual Conference, “Breakthrough to Excellence”


 This year's virtual conference draws attendance from leading problem-solving court professionals from all over the nation to deliver the most up-to-date information for Nevada's problem-solving court professionals. Our renowned speakers include: Dr. Joshua Sharfstein addressing America’s opioid epidemic and its COVID-19 impacts; “Tall Cop” Officer Jermaine Galloway presenting “High in Plain Sight: Substance Abuse and Drug Trends”; Dr. Juliette Mackin introducing participants to peer review; Julie Seitz offering insight on how vicarious trauma impacts individuals struggling with a substance use disorder and how secondary trauma affects caregivers; Vanessa Price sharing standard engagement protocols, issues improving public safety outcomes for jurisdictions, and the impacts of vicarious trauma within the law enforcement community; Steven Hanson discussing the challenge for treatment courts to react effectively with the few and shrinking resources in view of the opioid epidemic; and, finally, Steven Hanson presenting an introduction and overview of Relapse Prevention through an influential, evidence-based cognitive behavioral treatment modality to address problematic behaviors.    

 This interactive conference will provide new information that, I truly hope, inspires you as you learn and that you’ll share this empowering material with other team members. Allow what you learn to serve as positive energy and an impetus to enhance your programs. Together, we can continue to implement meaningful change for constant improvement. Remember, problem-solving courts successfully reduce crime, save money and resources, ensure compliance, combat addiction, and help restore families. 


 Thank you for your willingness to improve as well as your outstanding efforts within our Specialty Courts. It is a great privilege to serve and to keep making a difference to the people of Nevada!  

- Justice Lidia S. Stiglich
Chair, Specialty Court Funding and Policy Committee