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Eviction Mediation Program needs Court Interpreters

8/28/2020 3:59:56 PM

We are looking for Interpreters who are interested to join the effort to mediate positive outcomes for Nevadan residents. As you are aware mass evictions are looming nationwide. Evictions can resume in Nevada on September 1, 2020 and the Nevada State Treasurer projects 135,109 evictions may occur after moratorium ends. In Nevada 45% are renters, and the Guinn Center reports 45% of renters had slight or no confidence in the ability to pay rent. Leaders throughout Nevada believe we can avoid the worst of this crisis, with your help.

To express interest to join this effort to prevent evictions and keep Nevadan residents housed please submit this form as soon as possible to courtinterpreters@nvcourts.nv.gov as the program will get underway as soon as practicable on or after September 1st when the statewide moratorium on evictions expires.

How can you help?
• We need trained/certified court interpreters to assist with mediations to keep tenants safely housed during COVID-19.
• Select courts may utilize interpreters in support of onsite mediations.
• Certified court Interpreters of all experience levels are welcome.

What you will do?
• Work with a qualified mediator to Interpret mediations, and potentially agreements, between tenants and landlords to divert evictions from the courts and keep people in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Interpreters will earn training CEU.

How will mediation help?
• The goals are to keep Nevadans housed and get landlords paid by proactively sharing information on rental assistance, stalled unemployment claims, the opportunity to mediate, legal resources, etc.
• Dedicated rental assistance personnel and DETR adjudicators will be made available to provide emails indicating recipient name, approval/denial and estimated payment date to be attached to any agreement.
• There is $60 million in CARES Act funding earmarked for Nevada rental assistance.

Where help is needed?
• Help is needed statewide in Nevada.
• Most mediations will be conducted telephonically or virtually depending on the capacity of the participants so you can help from anywhere in or out of the state.

What’s the process?
• The final process is TBD. It is anticipated that the time allowed for mediation will be capped and mediators and interpreters may have some front/back end work. Regardless of when the process begins, upon the filing of an answer or the complaint, it is possible then that the 30-day stay would become automatic and the clerk of court could notify participating mediators on a rotating list. The mediator could telephonically or virtually mediate an agreement and report the results. Further information to be shared with interested parties. The mediator will involve an interpreter if necessary. Mediators will submit boilerplate agreement(s) furnished by the Nevada Attorney General to the court of record.

• Interpreters will be compensated at $25 per hour and paid through the Administrative Office of the Courts.