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How to Become an Interpreter for Nevada Courts

Pursuant to the State Court Administrator Guidelines provisions, specifically item 'each year the Nevada Certified Court Interpreter Program plans regular events relevant to the certification or registration process. Orientation Workshops/Written Tests will be offered in January of each year. Skill-building Workshops/Written Exam Retakes will be offered in July of each year. Oral exams will be scheduled for September of each year. Exceptions to this schedule will be at the discretion of the State Court Administrator.'

Current basic requirements for a Foreign Language Certification/Registration include:

  1. Complete the Orientation Workshop for Interpreters in the NV Courts. The Nevada Orientation Workshop is the first step necessary toward certification/registration. The workshop covers fundamentals of court interpretation (modes, ethics, and role of the interpreter) as well as an introduction to Nevada's court system. The written exam provided by the Consortium for Language Access in the Courts is administered at the conclusion of the workshop.
  2. Pass the NV Certified Court Interpreter Written Test consisting of 4 sections (General English Language Vocabulary, Court Related Terms and Usage, Ethics and Professional Conduct) with a minimum score of 80%.
  3. Pass the Nevada Certified Court Interpreter Oral Examination consisting of 4 sections (Consecutive skills interpreting test, Simultaneous skills interpreting test and a two-part Sight translation skills test) with a minimum score of 70%;
  4. Provide verification of Nevada courtroom observation or work (40 hours in total for a period of last 12 months); to download a form, click here
  5. Submit a NV Certified Court Interpreter Certification Request; to download a form, click here
  6. Submit two (2) fingerprint cards; to download a form, click here
  7. Filing and processing fee of $50.00;
  8. A passport size photograph.

According to the State Court Administrator Guidelines, item 'candidates must pass the oral exam within two years of passing the written exam, or they will be required to retake the written exam.'