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Renewal Process

Pursuant to provision 5.2 of the 'State Court Administrator Guidelines for the NV Certified Court Interpreter Program' in order to renew the certification/registration for another 3-year period, the interpreter must:

  1. Pay a renewal fee of $50.00 to the AOC;
  2. Complete an application form in order to document the current name, address and other information of the interpreter; Download a form.
  3. Undergo a criminal history records check (2 fingerprint cards); Download a form.
  4. Provide documentation of continuing education credits (40 in total)
  5. Interpret a total of 120 hours in the 3-year renewal period of in-court proceedings or out-court legal interviews or depositions and provide documentation of court observation or work hours. A minimum of 10 hours of actual court interpreting experience is required.
  6. Renewal forms should be sent in at least 60 days prior to expiration to allow for timely processing.
  7. Expired badge must be returned within 30 days of receipt of a new one, subject to penalty of $25 if not returned on time.