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Court Improvement Program News and Report - 4th Quarter 2018

1/15/2019 1:31:12 PM

During the past quarter (October through December, 2018), the Court Improvement Program (CIP) has focused on three primary strategies: improving timeliness to permanency for children; increasing judicial, attorney, and stakeholder’s knowledge and expertise; and building systemic capacity through continual quality improvement (CQI) and data exchange. CIP:


  • Completed the Statewide Quality Hearing Study which compared 2014 and 2017 findings. Parental engagement by the judiciary increased significantly over time. The breadth of discussion during hearings also significantly increased between 2014 and 2017. Additionally there was a significant increase in oral reasonable efforts and Indian Child Welfare Act findings since 2014. The study also identifies best practices that impact outcomes for families and children.


  • Received notification from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that Nevada’s three CIP grant applications (Basic, Data, and Training) have been approved. Nevada CIP received the following CIP grants:

2019 CIP Basic Grant                  $137,888

2019 CIP Data Grant                   $128,778

2019 CIP Training Grant              $128,778

  • Continued to fully implement and expand the Statewide Juvenile Dependency Mediation Program, JDMP, a joint project between CIP and the Division of Child and Family Services. In the second quarter of the state fiscal year, between October 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018, 69 mediations were ordered across the state. This is an increase of 41% over the number of mediations ordered in the second quarter of last fiscal year.  During this same period, the agreement rate remained at 82%.

  • Facilitated a convening with the ABA Center for Children and the Law, Nevada Department of Education, Washoe County Human Services Agency, Division of Child and Family Services, and Dr. Alicia Summers to discuss surveying stakeholders regarding implementation of and amendments needed to AB 491, training needs, state level communication between UNITY and Infinite Campus about foster children, a statewide education, child welfare and the courts convening, and development of education strategic plan.

  • Participated in the two-day IBM Watson Project Workshop with stakeholders from the 2nd Judicial District to identify needs and solutions to assist IBM develop this first of its kind project for a court.

  • Participated in the meetings of the Nevada Coalition to Prevent Sexual Exploitation of Children, the Nevada Children’s Commission, the Nevada State Quality Improvement Committee, the Indian Child Welfare, the CORE PIP Team, the Judicial Subcommittee for the FFPSA Committee, and the Children’s Bureau’s weekly NV-CFSR regularly scheduled meetings.

  • Attended and participated in Community Improvement Council (CIC) meetings in the majority of the judicial districts throughout the State, providing support and information to assist with the implementation of their annual action plans developed during the 2018 CIC Summit.