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Court Improvement Program News and Report - 3rd Quarter 2019

10/22/2019 11:32:16 AM

During the past quarter (July through September 2019), the Court Improvement Program (CIP) has focused on three primary strategies: improving timeliness to permanency for children; increasing judicial, attorney, and stakeholder's knowledge and expertise; and building systemic capacity through continual quality improvement (CQI) and data exchange. 

  • Following federal feedback on Nevada's first Program Improvement Plan submission, DCFS submitted the third revision of Nevada's PIP on August 9, 2019.  Because, for the most part, the changes required were administrative, the PIP Core Team, of which CIP is a member, wrote the revisions and continues to respond to questions from the Children's Bureau.
  • The Children's Bureau notified Chief Justice Gibbons on August 15, 2019, of the approval for funding of the three CIP grants: Basic, Training, and Data.
  • CIP trained 12 new mediators for the Juvenile Dependency Mediation Panel.
  • CIP hosted the 2019 CIC Summit at which David Kelly, who oversees CIP across the country gave the keynote address.  Mr. Kelly observed that what Nevada CIP and CICs are doing is unprecedented. He was "blown away" by the quality of the work being done in Nevada. He declared that Nevada CIP is the gold standard for the country and intends to use us as the example of what how to implement CIP.
  • Dr. Alicia Summers completed and presented at the annual 2019 CIC Summit the findings of an assessment of the Juvenile Dependency Mediation Program.
  • The first edition of the JDMP Newsletter was distributed at the CIC Summit.  Future issues will be emailed.
  • A webinar on how to navigate and use data from Chapin Hall's Foster Care Data Archive was presented on September 5, 2019.  The webinar was recorded and is now available on the CIP website
  • The 6th and 7th JDs, with help from CIP, are developing a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) program/process.
  • In August, CIP presented how Nevada uses data and collaboration to accomplish significant systems change at the National Evaluation Summit in Washington, D.C. 
  • CIP participated in the meetings of the Indian Child Welfare Committee, the DCFS CORE PIP Team, the Children's Commission, and the Children's Bureau's weekly NV-CFSR regularly scheduled meetings.
  • CIP attended and participated in Community Improvement Council (CIC) meetings in the majority of the judicial districts throughout the State, providing support and information to assist with the implementation of their annual action plans developed during the 2018 CIC Summit.