• Goldfield Court House
  • Lyon County Court House
  • Pershing District Court
  • Lincoln County Court House
  • Humboldt County Court House
  • Eureka District Court
  • Eureka Justice Court
  • Alamo Justice Court
  • Elko County Court House
  • Las Vegas Regional Justice Center

Contact the AOC

The Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts, consists of various departments and facilities. Here are some of the most commonly requested contacts. If you have a general inquiry, please call (775) 684-1700 so that you can be directed to the correct person. 


Manager of Budgets: Todd Myler, (775) 684-1716, tmyler@nvcourts.nv.gov

Accountant: Casandra Vanzura, (775) 684-1708, cvanzura@nvcourts.nv.gov

Accounting Asst.: Elaine Miller, (775) 684-1718, eemiller@nvcourts.nv.gov  


Audit Manager: Staci Anderson, (702) 486-9330, sanderson@nvcourts.nv.gov

Auditor: Brandi Jinkerson, (702) 486-9331, bjinkerson@nvcourts.nv.gov

Human Resources  

Personnel Officer: McKenna McCormack, (775) 684-1711, mmccormack@nvcourts.nv.gov

Personnel Analyst: Cindy Sampson, (775) 684-1744, csampson@nvcourts.nv.gov

Payroll Clerk: Janet Scott, (775) 684-1709, jscott@nvcourts.nv.gov

Judicial Education

Manager: David Gordon, (775) 687-9859, dgordon@nvcourts.nv.gov

Program Specialist: Evie Lancaster, (775) 687-9855, elancaster@nvcourts.nv.gov

Conference Planner: Leyco Rivas, (775) 687-9858, lrivas@nvcourts.nv.gov