State Guardianship Compliance Office

 GCO Hotline

During the 79th Legislative Session the Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission proposed, and the legislature approved, several bills designed to improve the administration and monitoring of guardianships in Nevada. These measures included the enactment of the Protected Person’s Bill of Rights (NRS 159.327), the filing of a proposed preliminary care of plan and budget (NRS 159.0445), and appointment of legal counsel for protected persons (NRS 159.0485). In addition, AB 130 established the State Guardianship Compliance Office (NRS 159.341) to provide additional auditing and investigative services to Nevada District Courts during the administration and oversight of guardianship proceedings.

The State Guardianship Compliance Office (GCO) opened in January 2018, with the hiring of the first Guardianship Compliance Program Manager. During its first three months in operation, the GCO focused on the development of internal procedures, staffing, outreach to District Courts, and the development of a public webpage that provides an overview of the office and resource links for the public. In February, the office hired a financial forensic specialist and a guardianship investigator. On March 6, 2018, the Guardianship hotline was established. This hotline is designed to offer the public a central place to report guardianship issues. The GCO reports significant concerns by callers to District Courts and provides callers with resource navigation services, providing the caller with referrals to organizations that might be of additional support or assistance to the caller.