Judicial Selection Commission Members

Permanent Members Appointing Authority Term Expiration
Chief Justice Mark Gibbons
Constitution 1/06/20
Valerie Cooney, Esq.
Carson City, past Executive Director of Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans
State Bar 12/31/20
Jeffery Gilbert
Henderson, veteran gaming executive
Governor 12/31/20
Jesse Gutierrez
Sparks, former Executive Director of Nevada Hispanic Services
Governor 12/31/20
Gregory Kamer, Esq.
Las Vegas, Kamer Zucker Abbott
State Bar 12/31/20
Jasmine Mehta, Esq.
Reno, Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners
State Bar 12/31/22
Leslie Williams
Schurz, division director, Finance and Administration, Washoe County Social Services
Governor 12/31/22