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Washoe County Senior Judge Peter Breen Honored for 40 Years of Service

3/23/2017 10:33:01 AM

The Nevada Supreme Court and Governor Brian Sandoval have recognized Senior Judge Peter I. Breen for 40 years of service to the State of Nevada, 32 years of which were as a sitting District Court Judge in Washoe County.

Judge Breen’s accomplishments include creating Nevada’s first drug court in July 1995 in Reno’s Second Judicial District Court. The Drug Court concept has been expanded into Nevada’s specialty court movement which now includes, in addition to drug courts, mental health courts, DUI courts, veterans’ courts, and prison re-entry courts. At any given time more than 1500 individuals seek recovery from the ravages of addiction and mental illness.

“Judge Breen ushered in a revolution in Nevada’s judiciary,” Chief Justice Michael A. Cherry said. “Rather than let people continue to struggle with addiction, he built a way to offer them hope. His dedication is phenomenal and his devotion is fantastic.”

“I never had a bad day and never had a day when I didn't want to go to work,” Judge Breen said.

Judge Breen was born in Reno in 1939. Both his father, Peter, and grandfather, Peter, were district judges in Nevada’s Third and Fifth judicial districts, respectfully, for a total of 32 years.