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Law Day Essay Winners Prove Power Of 14th Amendment

5/8/2017 2:36:06 PM

Justice Lidia S. Stiglich has announced the Elko County and Humboldt County winners of the 2017 Law Day Essay Contest. The winning essays focused on the importance of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Essay winners in Elko County are as follows:

  • Maria Alvarez, Senior, Elko High School, First Place 
  • Dillon McKinzie, Senior, Elko High School, Second Place 
  • Lizzy Andreozzi, Senior, Elko High School, Third Place

Essay winners in Humboldt County are as follows:

  • Annaleise Gabica, Senior, Albert M. Lowry High School, First Place
  • Charles McAllister, Senior, Albert M. Lowry High School, Second Place

Elko County and Humboldt County High School students were asked to submit a 300 word essay focused on the question: “How has the 14th Amendment shaped American society?”

Ms. Alvarez expressed in her essay, “[I]n today’s society we’ve made meaning of words like justice and equality, differ and depend based on circumstance. As a Hispanic female, I have seen my fundamental rights questioned over and over again in my 17 years of living, simply because my social status is assumed,” said Alvarez. “The fact that I have to remind people that I have the same rights they do says enough of what we’ve done to what others have fought long and hard for. I’m equal. I have free speech, I have freedoms, I have a right against exploitation. I am not a stereotype, I am a person. I am a US Citizen.”

Ms. Gabica expressed in her essay, “Prior to June 13, 1866, America unjustifiably claimed the slogan “Liberty and Justice for All” while legally freed slaves were still being treated as property rather than human beings. The 14th Amendment was an enormous milestone during the Reconstruction Era and a step closer to equality regarding both race and sex; it has shaped American Society into a more righteous, fair environment for every United States citizen.”

The first place winners will receive a $100, a tour of the NV Supreme Court in Carson City, and lunch with Justice Lidia S. Stiglich. The second and third place winners will receive $50 and a signed certificate from Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael A. Cherry and Justice Stiglich.

The Law Day Essay Contest joined other nationwide Law Day events sponsored by the American Bar Association. The contest signified a commitment by the Nevada Supreme Court to the rule of law by exposing students to the judicial branch of government.