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On Thursday, August 17, 2017 the Supreme Court of Nevada will be performing monthly maintenance. The Efiling system, Supreme Court case information portal, and Court of Appeals case information portal will be unavailable for a brief period between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm PDT.

Obtain Court Assistance

Much of the information about current court cases, calendars, and decisions can be found on our website by conducting a general search. In addition, the Supreme Court of Nevada invites the public to contact the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court (Clerk) with general questions about the Court or the appellate process. The Clerk can answer questions about the status of a pending case, or provide access to examine public case files.  The Clerk can be reached at (775) 684-1600 or (702) 486-9300.

Online Public Portal

The Supreme Court provides access to case records online, which can be searched from our website or by accessing the public portal located at Detailed information on finding a court case can be found here.  Nearly all documents can be found online, with the exception of appendices and any documents determined confidential or sealed by court order.

Case Research

The Court's staff is not available to perform detailed case research. The Clerk can provide general information about the status of an appeal, writ proceeding, or pending motion. The Clerk is unable to provide legal advice or to read applicable Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure or Supreme Court Rules over the phone or in person. Please read all rules and, if necessary, annotations to the rules before calling.


Members of the Nevada State Bar and the public should not contact the Justices, their law clerks or Central Staff attorneys directly regarding any matters related to cases pending before the court. All questions and letters should be directed to the Clerk.