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Media Coverage of Oral Arguments


Nevada Supreme Court Media Rules are in effect for all oral arguments.

To photograph or video the proceedings, permission must be submitted in writing 24 hours prior to the hearing to Elizabeth Brown, Clerk of the Court. Fax your request on letterhead to (775) 684-1601. Call the Clerk at (775) 684-1600 or (702) 486-9300 to notify the Court of your request. Send your request to: 201 South Carson Street, Suite 250, Carson City, NV 89701-4702.

Emailing a request is not permitted, as the Supreme Court needs a signed hard copy for its records.  There is no formal Media Request Form.

One video camera and one still camera will be authorized.  Other media outlets will be allowed to join the pool and share the pool feed only if they also apply for permission.  Generally the first media to apply (still and video) will become the pool camera, although the media may agree to a different outlet being the pool camera.


Most oral arguments of the Nevada Supreme Court are streamed live on the Supreme Court of Nevada website for media and public convenience.  

A Full Court Calendar, listing upcoming oral arguments, can be found on the Supreme Court website.  A few days before the arguments, Upcoming Oral Argument Synopses of the cases will be posted.  A calendar of oral arguments and accompanying synopses are also routinely distributed to Nevada media prior to the date of the arguments by the Supreme Court’s Public Information Office.

The link to access the live webcast will become active about 5 minutes before the arguments are scheduled to begin.  Look for Live Video on the Supreme Court of Nevada website and click on the arrow in the player to view the live stream. A calendar of upcoming webcasts can be found below the Live Video stream window under the tab Webcast. If you do not see a feed of the Supreme Court courtroom, you may have accessed link too soon.

The live webcasts are not archived, but audio recordings of the arguments will be posted and archived under Prior Oral Argument Recordings, usually by the end of the day of arguments.

Only oral arguments held in the Supreme Court’s two courtrooms are webcast because of technical limitations.  The Supreme Court occasionally takes Justice on the Road and holds oral arguments at schools across Nevada, at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, or at other locations.  These arguments are not webcast, but audio recordings of the arguments will be posted and remain archived on the Supreme Court website.