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AOC Sponsored Events

Nevada Limited Jurisdiction Judges 2018 Winter Seminar, February 13-16, 2018, North Las Vegas, NV (more to follow)

Contact: Sheri LeTourneau

Nevada Family Jurisdiction Judges 2018 Annual Conference, February 28, 2018, Bishop, CA (more to follow)

Contact: Sheri LeTourneau

Nevada District Court Judges 2018 Annual Seminar, April 19-21, 2018, North Las Vegas, NV (more to follow)

Contact: Sheri LeTourneau  

Nevada Limited Jurisdiction Judges 2018 Summer Seminar, June 19-22, 2018, Ely, NV (more to follow)

Contact: Sheri LeTourneau  

Distance Learning Education

The Distance Education Program offers webinars, self-paced on-line training, videoconferencing, videos, courses, and written correspondence as a means to facilitate the sharing of expertise, practice, and resources in continuing judicial education. It strives to maximize accessibility to judicial education training and resources by removing the barriers of location and time, and in most cases, cost. As with in-person seminars and conferences, distance learning opportunities cover a broad range of subjects, including specific substantive and procedural areas of the law and management, communication, and professionalism. Networking opportunities with faculty and peers are accomplished through video, telephone and on-line by way of chat, blogs and discussion boards. Visit our website at Supreme Court of Nevada Distance Education Program for more information and all distance learning opportunities.

September 2017


New Webinar! 2017 Nevada Legislative Review 2017 - September 28, 2017, 12:00 - 1:30 pm (more…)    

June 2017

Web Casts

New Webcast! 2017 Maintaining the Integrity of Criminal Records - Recorded June 27, 2017 (more…)    

2017 Nevada Court Administration 2017 Legislative Summary - Recorded June 20, 2017 (more…)  

May 2017

Web Casts

2017 Understanding and Preventing Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue in the Court Community - Recorded May 23, 2017 (more…)   

April 2017

Web Casts

2017 Substance Abuse in the Court Community - Recorded April 6, 2017 (more…)    

March 2017

Web Casts

2017 Domestic Violence in the Digital Age: Part 2 - Evidentiary Issues - Recorded March 21, 2017 (more…

2017 Nevada Appellate Courts 2016 Criminal Opinions Review - Recorded March 7, 2017 (more…

January 2017

Web Casts

2017 Domestic Violence in the Digital Age: Part 1 - Technology - Recorded January 17, 2017 (more… 

June 2016

Web Casts

2016 Show Me the Money: Grant Writing Tips and Tricks - Recorded June 23, 2016 (more…)

April 2016


2016 Nevada Judicial Leadership Summit - Recorded Sessions and Selected Materials (more...

Visit the Distance Education Program website for more distance learning opportunities. 


Court Improvement Program (CIP) Attorney Dependency Training (more...)
Professional Writing Skills Part II (more...)
2015 Nevada/New Mexico Language Access Basic Training (more...)

Links to External Judicial Education

Several organizations deliver online continuing judicial education courses. To participate, you must register through the provider named. The courses listed here do not constitute funding approval. Funding requests must be made through the Judicial Education Expenditure Request process. This list is not a complete representation of available external judicial education courses. These resources do not necessarily reflect the views of the Supreme Court of Nevada, the Administrative Office of the Courts, or Judicial Education nor provide any warranties as to the currency and accuracy of the information in these works.

Different Work - A First Course in Effective Supervision - National Center for State Courts

Do's and Don'ts When Speaking with the Media - NACE 2015 Winter Webinar, co-hosted by AOC 

Effective Adjudication of Domestic Abuse Cases – American Judges Association Education

Justice Responses to Elder Abuse - National Center for State Courts

Leadership: Credibility in Action - NACE 2014 Fall Webinar, co-hosted by AOC 

Making Data Great and Whole Again - NACE 2016 Fall Webinar, co-hosted by AOC  

Judicial Education Calendar

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Other Events and Resources

May I help you? Legal Advice vs. Legal Information

May I help you? Legal Advice vs. Legal Information Training Video