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Trial Court Status Update

6/3/2014 11:00:00 AM

The Trial Court Technology Support staff are working on several projects to improve services to the Nevada courts participating on the Nevada Court System (NCS) as well as services to non-NCS courts for data exchanges to the Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

We look forward to continuing our efforts to enhance the NCS program.  We recently added two plug in applications that work with NCS CourtView case management system to improve efficiency in navigation and handling case updates in batch.  These two plugins are now available to NCS courts and are called the CourtView Dashboard and UpdateXpress.  We are starting the planning phase for the roll out of electronic payments for the courts using the state sponsored system.  The eServices electronic payment module will update case and receivable information automatically within the NCS CourtView system saving court staff time and providing better access to justice for citizens that wish to take advantage of online payments for their court fines and fees.  We are also starting the gap analysis and project planning in the coming months to evaluate migration to a new state sponsored case management called JWORKS.

We are currently in the process of migrating all NCS courts to the use of the Nevada Offense Code (NOC) charge codes.  This will facilitates the NCS courts that wish to participate in electronic data exchanges with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) reporting, electronic citations from citing agencies, and/or Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) reporting.

Each of these items is described in greater detail below to provide you with an update on where we plan to concentrate our efforts over the upcoming months.

Projects in Progress

Case Management and Integration System Replacements

CourtView has been in place for over 10 years and, as with any technology, it is time to look at options to provide new features commonly available in most new systems. At the same time, we intend to look at the MCIJIS program to ensure we do not introduce a conflict when selecting a new case management system. This also gave us an opportunity to review available integration technologies and compare them with those currently being used.  During the 2013 legislative and budget session, we gained the funding approval from the Nevada Supreme Court justices to move forward with the vendor, Court Justice Solutions (CJS) and their web based court case management system, JWORKS.  In  June 2014, we will start on the gap analysis and project planning for migration from the CourtView case management system to the JWORKS case management system.  We anticipate the roll out of the new system will be done in phases with one or multiple courts starting the migrating over the course of several years until all NCS courts are utilizing the new system.  We will provide more information as the analysis and project planning phase progresses.

Electronic Citation Entry into CourtView

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has initiated a project to modernize the Nevada Citation and Accident Tracking System (NCATS) by replacing the original electronic citation and accident report vendor. They selected Brazos Technologies as the replacement vendor. Several courts have been contacted as part of the pilot rollout of this project and may have access to a web service that allows the court to retrieve citations written by local law enforcement officers using the Brazos GetLocal web-based utility.

Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) is included in this project and is currently working with Brazos to update the rollout schedule.  NHP has completed the pilot phase and citations generated by NHP are available to create citation based cases in CourtView via the MCIJIS exchange brokers. One CourtView requirement that allows these cases to be created is the use of Nevada Offense Code (NOC) based action codes rather than Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) based action codes. DPS also requires that each court obtains a new ORI to facilitate the citation information exchange into CourtView. If you would like to have citation based cases created electronically in CourtView and have not already requested an electronic based ORI from DPS, please do so as soon as possible.

The AOC Trial Court Technology Support Unit analysis team has contacted each NCS court not already utilizing NOC based action codes to coordinate the conversion from the NRS based action codes in CourtView.  This project is due to be complete by the end of June 2014 for all NCS court’s that wish to take advantage of any electronic exchanges, including epayments, within the next 2 to 3 years.

Electronic DMV Reporting

The Oracle to SQL migration project introduced an interruption in the ability to report the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) convictions electronically for those courts that were reporting in this manner. We have a project underway that will re-establish this electronic reporting. This project is scheduled to be completed no later than the end of June 2012 along with the completion of the IJISBroker Oracle to SQL migration.

Discussions have been held with DMV to implement the remaining interested NCS courts with electronic DMV reporting. Similar to the electronic citation functionality, the electronic submission of DMV convictions requires NOC based action codes in CourtView rather than NRS based action codes. Again, we encourage coordination on your part with your local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies on the use of the NOC codes within your jurisdiction.

For courts not already reporting electronically, this project rollout will closely follow the rollout schedule of the electronic citation project sponsored by the Department of Public Safety (DPS). This schedule is currently being reviewed by the DPS project team.  Updates will be posted here when received and through the NCS Court User Group meetings.

User Group Creation

A new user group has been created for users of the state sponsored Nevada Court System, CourtView program. Meetings take place the third Thursday of every month via Webinar. If you are a user of the Nevada Court System program and are interested in taking part in the NCS User Group meetings, please contact the Trial Court Service Desk at 775-687-9898 or

USJR Civil Phase II

NCS staff is a resource on the Nevada Administrative Office of the Court, Research and Statistic’s Unit, Uniform System for Judicial Records (USJR) project. For the NCS courts, the Trial Court Technology Unit analysis team is in the process of the development of Crystal reports to provide the USJR Civil Phase II statistical worksheet and validation reports to meet these new requirements due by July 2014.

Future Projects

CourtView 2.63 Upgrade

The CourtView system was upgraded to version 2.62 in March 2014 that resolved some issues with the Accounts Receivable module and In Court templates.  We are currently in the process of planning the upgrade to version 2.63 which is the necessary platform to implement the multi-merchant account functionality needed for the CourtView eServices electronic payment module to function for a multi-court system like the NCS program.  This upgrade is in the planning phase but anticipated to go live sometime in early fall 2014.

Electronic Payments

There are two options to implementing electronic payments. The first option is to receive electronic payment with no direct updates made to CourtView. Courts can proceed with this option using a number of vendors. Courts can simply identify an electronic payment provider and work with their local finance department to accept the funds. In this situation the project is managed by the court and the court will enter into a contract with the payment provider directly. There are a couple of NCS courts currently using this option. This option requires minimal setup in CourtView to manage the cashier drawers and end of day processing. This option simply provides another method by which to receive payments. It does not update any information into CourtView directly. With this method electronic payments will require user intervention, similar to updating CourtView with a payment received in the mail.

The second option provides the ability to automatically update the case and financial information in CourtView when a payment is processed electronically. We have negotiated the contract with the vendor CourtView Justice Solutions (CJS) and are in the planning phase of this project.  This option is dependent upon the completion of the CourtView 2.63 upgrade (currently projected for early Fall 2014) and the new multi-merchant functionality available with the CourtView ePayment module which is anticipated to be available by CJS in late June 2014.