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Specialty Court Program Changes Lifestyles

The Specialty Court Program assists in funding Specialty Courts statewide for individuals facing addiction-related offenses. In 2015, the Nevada Legislature appropriated $3 million each year of the biennium to fund additional opportunities for Specialty Courts. With the new appropriation, in FY15-16, the Nevada Judiciary added 20 new Specialty Courts and enhanced 11 of the existing programs. This has increased the number of Nevada Specialty Courts to a total of 62.

Specialty Courts extend an opportunity for individuals with drug, alcohol or mental health issues to change their lifestyle. Participants in the program include individuals facing addiction or mental health issues. Some of the courts focus on DUI offenses, mental health, and veteran’s issues.

Nevada’s Specialty Courts seek to break the cycle of the “revolving door” syndrome where individuals return numerous times for addiction or mental health offenses. Specialty Courts help participants achieve total abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol, by promoting responsibility and accountability, and teaching participants to become productive, law abiding citizens. All of this effort reduces criminal recidivism and provides for better, healthier communities.