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Indigent Defense Commission Membership List 2016

The Honorable Michael A. Cherry
Chief Justice
Nevada Supreme Court

The Honorable Nancy Saitta
Justice (Retired)
Nevada Supreme Court

The Honorable Lidia Stiglich
Nevada Supreme Court

The Honorable Tom Armstrong
Justice of the Peace
Carson City Township

The Honorable Gary Fairman
District Court Judge
Seventh Judicial District Court, Dept. II

The Honorable Douglas W. Herndon
District Court Judge
Eighth Judicial District Court, Dept. III

The Honorable Kevin Higgins
Justice of the Peace
Sparks Justice Court

The Honorable Alvin Kacin
District Court Judge
Fourth Judge District Court, Dept. II

The Honorable Michael Montero
District Court Judge
Sixth Judicial District Court, Dept. II

The Honorable John Schlegelmilch
District Court Judge
Third Judicial District Court, Dept. I

The Honorable Jim Shirley
District Court Judge
Eleventh Judicial District Court

The Honorable Mason Simons
Justice of the Peace/Municipal Court Judge
Elko Justice Court/Municipal Court

The Honorable Kimberly Wanker
District Court Judge
Fifth Judicial District Court, Dept.

The Honorable Nathan T. Young
District Court Judge
Ninth Judicial District Court, Dept. I

Mr. John Slaughter
Washoe County Manager

Ms. Kriston Hill
Elko County Public Defender's Office

Ms. Karin Kreizenback, Esq.
Nevada State Public Defender

Ms. Diane Roth, Esq.
Retired Nevada State Public Defender

Mr. Jeremy Bosler
Washoe County Public Defender

Ms. Joni Eastley
Rural Advocate

Mr. Dana Hlavac
Court Administrator
Las Vegas Municipal Court

Mr. Jeff Fontaine
Executive Director

Ms. Dagny Stapleton
Deputy Director

Mr. Chris Hicks, Esq.
Washoe County District Attorney

Mr. Philip J. Kohn, Esq.
Clark County Public Defender

Mr. John C. Lambrose, Esq.
Assistant Federal Public Defender

Mr. Christopher Lalli
Clark County District Attorney's Office

Ms. Jennifer J. Lunt, Esq.
Washoe County Alternate Public Defender

Ms. Amy Rose
American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada

Mr. David Schieck
Clark County Special Public Defender

Mr. Sean Rowe
Mineral County District Attorney

Mr. Jeff Wells
Assistant Clark County Manager

Ms. Franny A. Forsman, Esq.
Federal Public Defender for the District of Nevada

Professor Michael Kagan
Boyd Law School

Ms. Rachelle Resnick
Judicial Chambers Administrator
Nevada Court of Appeals


Ex Officio Member
Mr. Bob Bell, Esq.
Law Office of Robert C. Bell

Ex Officio Member
Mr. David Carroll, Esq.
The Sixth Amendment Center

Ex Officio Member
Mr. Drew Christensen
Clark County Office of Appointed Counsel

Ex Officio Member
Mr. John McCormick
Assistant State Court Administrator
Administrative Office of the Courts

Ms. Jamie Gradick
Rural Courts Coordinator
Administrative Office of the Courts